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Shame on Anti-National Communist Regime where Governor is batting for his Constitutional Rights
TIWN Jan 26, 2018
Shame on Anti-National Communist Regime where Governor is batting for his Constitutional Rights
PHOTO : Tripura Governor addressing at Assam rifles ground. TIWN Pic Jan 26

AGARTALA, Jan 26 (TIWN): After 25 years of CPI-M regime in Tripura, state's Governor was seen on Republic Day for struggling to define Governor's constitutional rights. Generally question raised, what happened in Tripura that a Governor has to raise such issues nationally ?

 Tripura Chief Minister Manik sarkar, known as the honest Chief Minister recently prevented the Chief Secretary and DGP from holding any meeting with the Governor, who was to ask them regarding deteriorating law and order of Tripura following journalists, BSF officers deaths and increasing smugglers, kidnappers attacks in state.

On that time, CPI-M Party Office said that as the President can't call a Central Minister without Prime Minister's permission, in the same manner, a Governor can't call Govt employees without CM's permission.

Governor didn't say anything against CPI-M's comments till day. Opposition demanded press conferences from Chief Secretary giving clarification, but they didn't clarify the issue. 

But today when due to Election declaration, Manik Sarkar is no more controlling the power, Tathagata Roy said at Assam Rifles ground, "It's true according to constitution that Chief Minister and the Govt of Tripura are all in all to control the power and law and order. But, when the State Govt fails to take control on the law and order, the Governor himself has to take the role and can use his power. If Governor asks the State Govt about any data, the State Govt is bound to deliver him or it's a Constitutional Crisis situation". 

Governor said, "What would be the duty of a Governor regarding this there are various opinions (in Bengali he said Nana-Munir-Nana-Mat). Few people think that Governor's post is totally unnecessary and in democracy we have to equally value their opinions too. But in reality Governor is like a Diesel Generator, will work when the Power is temporarily disrupted. Practically also to run the administration with CM's leadership is Governor's duty even though works go under Governor's name".

"But if in any situation, if the elected Chief Minister fails to do his duty, then it's the duty of the Governor to take responsibilities, because administration for a single time can't stay without authority", said Roy.

"But still question remains, in general whether the Governor has any Role to Play ? Answer is Ofcourse he has ! If the Governor wants to know any data or matter from the Govt and the Govt is bound to give him the data", said Roy.

"Apart from that a Governor can also suggest or advise the Govt of his state. Knowing the data is   Governor's constitutional right", Roy said.

"However  there had been "no problem" in working with the government, "except for some minor irritants and Diesel Generator was never felt necessary", added Roy.  

However, Governor didn't attack the State Govt directly much, rather he criticized the critics, who said 'A Governor has no role to play in a state'. 

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