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Party-Chandas hit Tripura people's festive season
TIWN Jan 25, 2018
Party-Chandas hit Tripura people's festive season

AGARTALA, Jan 25 (TIWN): Price hike, the party chanda collections by the ruling party have hit the common people in Tripura during Saraswati Puja, Republic Day etc and various marriage ceremeonies.

From vegetable to fruits and all food items prices have been hiked at a major level and at the same time ruling party led election fund collection processes are on peak.

On the other side, even after collecting Rs. 3000 from each employees CPI-M have been continuing the  donation collection from each homes.

Yesterday TIWN disclosed receipts of Rs. 10,000 collection by CPI-M candidates.

Even from pensioners extra Rs. 300 or Rs. 500 rupees are taken.

At the same time price hike of food items during Saraswati Puja have striked the people.

Despite of several hue and cry among the common mass regarding the price hike the concern authority is least bothered to look in to the situation.

All these are turning the normal lives miserable at the end of the month. 

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