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'IPFT discussed breaking up of Tripura and Narendra Modi had assured them' : Sitaram Yechury hits BJP led IPFT’s Tipraland agenda
TIWN Jan 9, 2018
'IPFT discussed breaking up of Tripura and Narendra Modi had assured them' :  Sitaram Yechury hits BJP led IPFT’s Tipraland agenda

AGARTALA, Jan 9 (TIWN): TIWN’s analysis on BJP’s political suicide by arranging PM & IPFT meet now hitting BJP hard. In a breaking note, Sitaram Yechury has said, "IPFT says it discussed breaking up of Tripura and Modi had assured them that priority would be assigned to the demand". Yechury in his facebook post has given the update, which was shared by many and but Tripura BJP yet to react back. Even though after IPFT President N C Debbarma met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP State President on Jan 6 said that BJP is 180 degree far from the state division, but on the next day CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury confirmed that PM Modi has assured the IPFTs about Tipraland. But when the post was given on January 7, after 2 days also from BJP leaders there is no reply to Yechury's status.

Sitaram Yechury further said, "This is the group BJP is allying with in Tripura. BJP- IPFT alliance against Left means legitimising forces that seek India's division. Let us not forget that IPFT originated demanding separation from India. BJP gave covert support to IPFT’s agitation last year. Any deal with IPFT tells us of BJP's true colours". However, from State BJP nobody has answered back the CPI-M leader. 

After PM Modi had met IPFT on January 6 in BJP Press conference Biplab Deb clearly said, “If NC Debbarma has said that Central Govt supported Tipraland, it’s fake. With Rajnath Singh and PM Modi there was no talk about Tipraland at. It was totally based on socio-economic development". "From Brinda Karat to CPI-M leaders are trying to paint the issue in totally wrong way. Tribals of Tripura didn’t participate in Independence movement of India and thus PM Modi’s meeting with them was just an attempt to bring them in the mainstream. There was no discussion about Tipraland but just a discussion on socio, economic, cultural issues”, said Subal Bhowmik, a BJP leader of state Tripura. Since yesterday after the photos of PM Modi's meeting with regional parties were exposed, the issue was raised.However, Subal Bhowmik further said, “CPI-M has only used the tribal sentiment but never tried for their developments. The word terrorism was introduced in Tripura by CPI-M since 1993".

Question was also raised about the CMP committee and the purpose of it. Subal Bhowmik said that there is no link on Tipraland but just to hold talks on socio, cultural developments the committee was formed.

But when Yechury has claimed about PM Modi's assurance of State Division, BJP is silent. 

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