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Tripura Govt gave lands to Rose Valley : but 5000 Bengali Udbastu families left homeless since 1994
TIWN Aug 12, 2017
Tripura Govt gave lands to Rose Valley : but 5000 Bengali Udbastu families left homeless since 1994
PHOTO : (File Photos) : CM Manik Sarkar at Rose Valley building inauguration programme ; other pics : Udbastu families in protest demanding rehabilitation.

AGARTALA, Aug 12 (TIWN): For Rose Valley Chit fund company, Tripura Govt could donate huge lands beside highways and for Amtali based Entertainment park above 100 acres of Tribal people’s lands were given to the Rose Valley chit fund company but when it about giving ‘patta’ for the desheltered families the issues are dumped Thus screaming over the rights one can not get his / her rights after 19 years also. The 'Udbastu' (refugee) families who had to escape from the ADC areas after their family members were killed, kidnapped by militants, till day maximum of them are residing either in relative's houses or in rents across Agartala, Bishalgarh. The de-sheltering of local residents had begun since 1994 and especially in 1998, 1999, 2000 and step by step from sensitive places like Jampuijala, Takarjala, Gadarbi and Golaghati the Bengali local people marked as 'Bangladeshi' were de-sheltered. Above 100 people till day are missing and total 65 persons killed during that militancy-tension time which led them to flew from ADCs on that time.

After bundles of protests, held by the Udbastus in Tripura, the state govt had failed to provide them homes and the role of opposition parties also remained so far cold. Talking to Udbastu leader Sajal Poddar and Pujan Kumar Bhattacharjee in an interview on Wednesday, both of them mentioned, "The Udbastu-rights issue although was raised many times but Tripura Govt never thought over our agonies. In 2013 opposition Congress MLA Ratan Lal Nath was also told about this matter but in the assembly the issue couldn't be highlighted much due to lack of supports".

Tripura Govt in the year 2000, promised that financial relieves and homes will be provided to the Udbastus, after following a constant protest for long 4 days done by them in front of Rabindra Bhawan. But the promise has not been fulfilled.

"There were various protests led by Udbastus. We gheroed Chief Minister's residence for the first time in Tripura and in coming days also we will continuously hold many protests for our rights", said Pujan Kumar Bhattacharjee.

In the running month, there will be Secretariat-blockade in demand of Udbastu's rights.

In 2014 via Governor of Tripura a letter was given to the Prime Minister of India describing their conditions.

TIWN eye-witness saw a massive number of poor Udbastu men, women, who remained present at Muktadhara led by a huge number of senior citizens maximum in hope of justice yet after 24 years.

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