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93rd meeting of the ZRUCC held
TIWN April 30, 2017
93rd meeting of the ZRUCC held

AGARTALA, April 30 (TIWN): The 93rd meeting of the ZRUCC (Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee) was organized at the Nambari Railway officer’s Club, Maligaon. The main objective of the meeting was to have direct interaction with representatives from various sections of the society and railway users for further improvement in all sectors of railway related services.

The committee comprises MPs, MLAs from various North-eastern states, high officials from the Transport department of various states, various passenger associations, Merchants associations, Chambers of commerce bodies from various N.E.States. and special interest groups etc. 

Chahatey Ram, General Manager, N.F.Railway while welcoming all members of the committee and asked them to put forward their valuable suggestion on each and every field of railway related services. He also assured them that their valuable suggestions will be given due importance by the railway authorities. He also highlighted various steps already taken to improve services in the region and various major projects undertaken for rail infrastructure development in the region.
All the honourable members of the committee had very fruitful and interactive session with the high railway officials. Senior railway official listened to and noted down all the suggestions and demands put forward by the members. They also replied to various queries from the members on different fields.

Members present thanked N.F.Railway officials for organising the meeting and listening to various issues pertaining to rail users of this region.

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