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School students forwarded to diminish cash-crisis
TIWN Nov 30, 2016
School students forwarded to diminish cash-crisis
PHOTO : State Bank Manager Ranjit Debnath taking small notes from school students. TIWN Pic Nov 30

KAILASHAHAR, Nov 30 (TIWN): The students of central school under Kailashahar on Wednesday, submitted small notes in SBI under Kailashahar worths Rs. 5000/-

In total Rs. 5, Rs. 10, Rs. 20 were collected from the students.

The note was collected through a programme conducted by State Bank Manager (at Kailashahar) Ranjit Debnath.

Via this programme a message was given to the society that if small notes are collected like this then the crisis for small notes would be diminished. 

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