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Demands for fresh winter vegetables raised
TIWN Nov 26, 2016
Demands for fresh winter vegetables raised
PHOTO : Farmer working on a field at Lankamura. TIWN Pic Nov 26

AGARTALA, Nov 26 (TIWN): Tripura seeing a tremendous winter vegetable growth on paddy fields across the state and farmers are now busy in nurturing vegetable plants for profit.

 With the seasonal change practice of winter vegetable cultivation is on peak across rural Tripura & greenery is overall. 

However, talking to a farmer named Dulal Deb, who was busy in nurturing winter vegetables including radish and tomato, green spinach, he said, growth is aver all okay, until the nature disrupts here. 

However, Tripura's weather has been deteriorated in last few years and excessive temperature is observed throughout the whole year and unscheduled rains are hitting famers anytime. 

Amidst all the odds, although costly, but demand for fresh vegetable is high at markets. 

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