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Road remains in Pathetic Shape in Kanchanmala
TIWN June 14, 2024
Road remains in Pathetic Shape in Kanchanmala
PHOTO : Nakul Chowmuhani to Khamarpara road remains deplorable. TIWN Pic June 14, 2024

AGARTALA, June 14 (TIWN): After multiple times of requests to the local authority there are no better days for the locals in Kanchanmala’s Nakul Chowmuhani area.

The only route that connects Nakul Chowmuhani to Khamarpara is in deplorable shape.

Amid many claims about the accessibility of “pakka roads” in rural Tripura, like many backward places, this area’s people too suffer due to no initiative by the government to improve the road.

During rainy days, the road turns paralyzed and vehicle movement becomes almost impossible and highly risky.

Locals requested the state government to fix the road and to help them to have better commuting.

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