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Tripura Vote Counting : ‘EVMs' movements will be CCTV Recorded’, says CEO
TIWN Feb 26, 2023
Tripura Vote Counting : ‘EVMs' movements will be CCTV Recorded’, says CEO
PHOTO : Pre-Election photos of Tripura Assembly Poll.

AGARTALA, Feb 26 (TIWN): Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Kiran Gitte has said that on the counting day everything will be kept CCTV recorded from grabbing of EVM machines to placing for counting and the machines’ entire movement. Noteworthy, Strong rooms have been kept under CCTV coverage 24X7 and these are displayed on TV screens under the Election Commission. To ensure further protection of public mandate and faith, now it has been announced that EVMs’ movement will also be kept recorded.

CEO also has appealed media persons to cooperate and to follow the guidelines while covering the counting event.

Tripura Election to be held on 2nd March. The Election was held on February 16.

Election Dept has appealed for peace and urged the people to stay refrain from any unwanted or violence incidents after the poll results.

Tripura Election Dept has also appealed to all the political parties to remove the banners and flags.

CEO Kiran Gitte said, such objects are sensitive and linked with people’s emotions may lead into fights and violence.

However, statewide, flags and banners are seen in huge numbers of all the political parties. Now, the Election Dept has appealed to all the parties to remove the banners. 

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