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No Solution of 10323 Teachers in Tripura
TIWN July 23, 2022
No Solution of 10323 Teachers in Tripura
PHOTO : 10323 teachers' protest (File Photo)

AGARTALA, July 23 (TIWN): After almost four years of the BJP Govt’s rule in Tripura, the promise was given to 10323 teachers by BJP as the opposition party before the 2018 election could not be fulfilled.

10323 teachers faced the biggest blow under the BJP Govt as their vote banks although helped BJP to acquire power they (10323 teachers) missed the opportunity to get employment under then Left Govt’s 12000 vacant posts which were created to employ the terminated 10323 teachers. BJP at that time had promised to make the 10323 teachers permanent by constitutional amendment.

Tripura BJP has failed to keep almost all promises given before 2018 election like Smart Phones for all Youths, Free Education to all girls up to College, Colleges in each constituency etc.



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