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Horrible Condition National Highway in Atharamura Hill areas
TIWN July 4, 2022
Horrible Condition National Highway in Atharamura Hill areas
PHOTO : National Highways remain in pathetic condition at Atharamura Hill areas. TIWN Pic July 4, 2022

AGARTALA, July 4 (TIWN): Pathetic condition of Atharamura hill-lined National Highway was reported under the Teliamura subdivision.

Recently construction and maintenance work started by a company there but allegedly no scientific way was followed in the construction process. Now the work has been totally stopped which has turned the condition more pathetic.

As a result, the roads have turned there into another form of death trapes. Chances of accidents are very high.

Moreover, the construction is not going on in an organized manner. Within some spaces, in a totally unorganized manner, the project has been started.

Drivers and passengers expressed heavy resentment over the situation.

Various areas like 41 mile, 43 mile, 45 mile, 47 mile and 48 mile cover the risk zone areas.

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