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Kerosene Black-Marketing by BJP leader in Bishalgarh: Video Footages go Viral
TIWN Jan 16, 2022
Kerosene Black-Marketing by BJP leader in Bishalgarh: Video Footages go Viral
PHOTO : Illegal Black-marketing of Kerosene. TIWN Pic Jan 16, 2022

BISHALGARH, Jan 16 (TIWN): Uttam Saha, a resident of Rautkhla in Bishalgarh sub-division is allegedly running black market sales of kerosene oil. It is learned that kerosene oil from 69 ration shops of Bishalgarh sub-division under Bishalgarh food department comes to Bishalgarh petrol pump, and kerosene oil in the name of those 69 government fair price shops is being illegally filled in drums and sold in the open market for extra profit. Uttam Saha, a resident of Kara Rautkhla claims himself a BJP member. Uttam Saha reportedly comes to the Bishalgarh petrol pump almost every day in an official manner and runs a black market by carrying kerosene oil in liter drums. TIWN has obtained video footage of a black marketing racket in Bishalgarh.

Not only that, from the 69 ration dealers in the Bishalgarh subdivision, Saha in the name of the ruling party, took away kerosene forcefully.

Kerosene oil is sold at Rs 46 in government fair price shops. But a Saha takes away kerosene from every ration shop dealer, and those kerosene stocks are being sold illegally in the open market at Rs 70-80 per liter. Uttam Saha does not have any valid document and he is illegally selling kerosene oil at the Bishalgarh petrol pump in collaboration with the owner of the petrol pump.

Local administration is silent over the entire matter.

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