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Mafia clashes among BJP gangs paralyzed Akhaura checkpost
TIWN Oct 3, 2018
Mafia clashes among BJP gangs paralyzed Akhaura checkpost
PHOTO : BJP activists escaping after police arrived at Akhaura checkpost. TIWN Pic Oct 3

AGARTALA, Oct 3 (TIWN): Daily fights among mafias under BJP banner is paralyzing functioning of Akhaura checkpost everyday.

A massive clash among BJP activists have led heavy chaos in Akhaura Checkpost in Ram Nagar area on Wednesday afternoon led a huge numbers of police to rush to the spot and lathi charge.   TIWN Youtube link 

The fight happened among same party activists after BJP Mandal and another BJP group (closed to BJP MLA Surajit Datta) chased each other centering the business of 'export-import.

The matter turned so worse that West Agartala Police led by OC-Subrata Chakraborty had to rush to the spot and took control in the worsening situation.

Earlier checkpost related news only came when first time any commodity had been imported or exported but since the BJP Govt came in power, the Akhaura check post has become a centre of daily fights which led in a massive clash between BJP activists. 

Locals said, without BJP supporters opposition party backed people are unable to enter the citadel of the business here but now the BJP vs BJP fightings are leading chaos everyday. 

Police were forced to lathi charge, arrested 5 persons on spot and brought them for inquiry. A huge numbers of goons managed to escape when police arrived. 

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