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Cylinder blast burnt house, no death
TIWN June 24, 2018
Cylinder blast burnt house, no death
PHOTO : Fire burnt a house at Udaipur. TIWN Pic June 24

UDAIPUR, June 24 (TIWN): In a critical incident a house was burnt after cooking gas cylinder blasted at Udaipur, Madhayapara area in Kartik Datta’s house.

The incident took place in early morning, when woman of the house was busy in cooking.

When cooking was going on, the housewife went in another room for a while. On that time, the cylinder blasted out and fire gripped the whole kitchen.

Immediately fire brigade was called, but due to narrow road of the home fire brigade engine couldn’t reach till the spot.

Later anyhow with pipes the fire was brought under control.

Massive losses have been informed by the house owner. No death or major injury was occurred in that incident.

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