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Karnataka Governor has ‘raped’ Democracy : Congress leader
TIWN May 17, 2018
Karnataka Governor has ‘raped’ Democracy : Congress leader
PHOTO : Congress leader Gopal Roy addressing media. TIWN Pic May 17

AGARTALA, May 17 (TIWN): Tripura Congress leader Gopal Roy today has accused Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala as a ‘rapist’ of democracy after he called BJP to form a govt at there.

Being asked by media on Congress’s defeat at Karnataka, Gopal Roy said, “Vala has been the Finance Minister of Modi’s cabinet for  9 years. So, he is just a puppet of Modi and acting accordingly”.

“He was also the speaker of the Assembly at Karnataka. So, it is very clear that he is nothing but just a Puppet of the BJP”, Roy added.

“If at Manipur and Goa, BJP, Meghalaya BJP can make Govt why not at Karnataka ? This is totally a rape of the democracy by Modi’s pet cum Karnataka Governor”, Gopal Roy said.


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