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After Brinda Karat, now Subashini Ali marked as 'Anti-National' junk : Calls Prime Minister of India as 'Pocket Maar' to save Melarmath Robbers
TIWN Jan 26, 2018
After Brinda Karat, now Subashini Ali marked as 'Anti-National' junk : Calls Prime Minister of India as 'Pocket Maar' to save Melarmath Robbers

AGARTALA, Jan 26 (TIWN): CPI-M hired two women national leaders for Tripura's Assembly Election campaigning but both have displayed themselves totally as anti-national persons and both their targets are solely the Prime Minister of India. Because Prime Minister Narendra Modi's nationalism led the anti-national CPI-M's rattled, now only Modi is their chief enemy, especially when their friends China, Pakistan's image are downed before the world because of Modi's diplomacy. When Melarmath is robbing, forcing govt employees, common men to give party 'chandas' which sometimes stands beyond their salaries, but the woman activist Subhasini Ali has targeted the Modi Govt just for 'target'. While addressing at Kamalasagar, Subhasini Ali said that PM doesn't stand for Prime Minister, but it stands for Pocket-Maar, which has fueled angers among the BJP supporters as well as the common public. On yesterday evening, Tripura BJP Mohila Morcha has burnt CPI-M national women leader Subhasini Ali's effigy for her anti-national speech.

Ali during CPI-M's election campaigning at Tripura to hit PM Modi, she said, "This present PM of India stands not for Prime Minister but for Pocket Mar". Reacting over Ali's speech BJP Mohila Morcha burnt Subhasini Ali's effigy in front of BJP Office at Krishnanagar accusing her as Anti-National. Subhasini Ali is an Indian politician and a member of the Communist Party of India. She is the President of the All India Democratic Women's Association.

Recently similar allegation raised against Brinda Karat who said Indian Prime Minister has direct link with terrorists. CPI-M party released a book ahead of Election to fight back BJP. But National CPI-M leader Brinda Karat has written in this book that Indian Prime Minister Office has direct connection with Terrorists, which has put CPI-M under own trap for extremist talks.

After that protest roars had hit the Agartala City, but without any shame, CPI-M's another lady brought out new abbreviation, saying PM stands for Pocket-Maar.  

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