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How to access via HOLA from India
Anirban Mitra
How to access via HOLA from India
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : TIWN Inauguration ceremony at Town Hall, Agartala Jan 5,2014 finally blocked by Biplab Deb cowardly by misusing IT Act 69A
However you can access from Tripura by using HOLA and steps below.

JUMLA Era changed fates of many street people like unqualified Sanjay Mishra who from Delhi’s ordinary Hindi newspaper’s part time writer suddenly occupied OSD Post of Rs 75000/- salary + Car + Benefits under Tripura’s JUMLA CM Biplab Deb. 

Biplab Deb's unemployment days in Delhi forced him to take up various jobs from Auto Driver to Gym Instructor but never learned any basic tenants of democratic values.

Biplab Deb created an evil coterie with OSDs Sanjay Mishra, Amardeep Jaiswal and Rajiv Singh(who was promoted to Addl DGP) with the sole purpose of suppressing media voice against Biplab Deb, his brother Subhas Deb and others wrongdoings, exposing underlying nexus with drug smugglings. So, after continued harassments by Rajiv Singh led police and illegal shutdown of newspapers like Daily Desher Katha, finally High Court restored democracy’s 4th pillar.

Same evil coterie’s now day & night goal is to shut down TIWN as TIWN is the only fearless voice left in Tripura so Biplab Deb gang continued police harassments since 5 months, threatened many times, finally now Sanjay Mishra undertaken evil plan to misuse IT Act 69A illegally to block TIWN in Tripura. As per legal experts, Sanjay Mishra & Biplab Deb's illegal use of IT Act 69A highly against the spirit of democracy and free speech which can be defeated in High Court or Supreme Court anytime.

But these 3 Tripura outsider evil planners are unaware that TIWN cannot be blocked technically as any blocked site always can be seen by using HOLA app in browsers. 

Sanjay Mishra, Amardeep Jaiswal, Rajiv Singh also unware that TIWN sources are monitoring them from their offices to even official quarters so no evil plan can stay hidden from TIWN's investigative Journalism.

After months to Police harasments, call trackings, illegal use of Govt machinery, Police force to shut down TIWN's voice failed miserably, so as a last resort  Biplab Deb undertaken the illegal step to block TIWN in Tripura.

Two weeks back Sanjay Mishra's close operative informed TIWN that, Sanjay finalized plan to block TIWN in Tripura and prepared a fictiious case of disturbing harmony and foreign relation so that IT Act 69A can be applied to block TIWN website in Tripura.

After receiving this evil plan a week back, TIWN is now well prepared as it notified all its Fans and Users how TIWN can be viewed even if Govt blocks TIWN.  All you have to do is follow these few simple steps as mentioned in link below:

You can access from Tripura by using HOLA and steps below.

Also TIWN readers can visit TIWN 2nd site

TIWN also preprared another 3 sites ready once Biplab Deb decides to ban few more sites.

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