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Injury to Gold Medal : Dipa's Journey
Pooja Shriniwas Surve
Injury to Gold Medal : Dipa's Journey
PHOTO : Dipa Karmakar with Gymnastics Gold Medal. TIWN


Honestly I just felt it inside, As I had the same injury (  THE ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT TEAR ) "…you know it's so hard to describe. It's the feeling, like, I know, I have it but I have to still do it."

I know about Dipa’s fighter mentality, its same like me .

Like me, even Dipa needs the pressure, the critics to build the energy which her coach Mr Bishweshwar Nandi does. It helps her get it done. Honestly, it's the spirit of competition that just helps me and her get our goals accomplished, and get us motivated and I'm just so thankful for today, honestly she has done and achieved it herself… fighting all odds ."

It's kind of like you have a scar from falling ou a bike, it's just with you forever. Its like your jewel- lery that you wear everyday . But you learn from it. So it's a part of both of us now, which is great. As hard as it was, I'm thankful that it happened because it taught us a lot."

I had to face this feeling when I was standing at cwg 2010 on the podium and she had to face it Today at the podium of world cup Mersin, Turkey. And it was the day to prove that Dipa is coming back .

Her target is 2020 OLYMPICS …..

World cup Mersin, Turkey was her first step towards 2020 which was her come back.

Vaulting table has always been her strong point .  But today she had to change her vault from PRODUNOVA to …….


2nd vault : TSUKAHARA STRETCH WITH 2/1 TURN ( 720 degrees )

Vault :

This vault needs a round ou approach and a Straight Body Somersault with double twist in air . Diflculty points for this vault are 5.60 out of 10.00

Dipa’s Practice before competition : IG Stadium, New Delhi.

I had seen her practice during the selection trials in India dated 24th June 2018 at the IG STADIUM, New Delhi.

She was doing the vault and landing in the pit ( an area with many sponges ) just to ensure safety . But at the selection trials she did it on the landing mats and now she was confident of this vault .

Dipa during the competition: World Cup Mersin, Turkey.

There were 9 participants who competed for this qualifying round.

In the qualifying round each gymnast has to perform 2 vaults . This round was held on Friday. Dipas first vault had 5.40 as diflculty and total score as 13.00 and second vault had 5.6 as diflculty and 13.800 as her total score . The final score is the average of two vault scores that is

13.00 and 13.800 which came to 13.400 which was a score ahead of gymnast Goksu Octus Sanley from turkey who received 13.250 as her final average score . As a result Dipa qualified for final apparatus championships .

On Saturday she competed on balancing beam apparatus too and got qualified for the appara- tus finals of this event on 3rd position .

Apparatus finals were on Sunday and we heard a good news … GOLD FOR DIPA KARMAKAR, INDIA ON TABLE VAULT APPARATUS …. She received 14.100 for her first vault and 14.200 for her second vault and Avg of her two vaults which was her final score was 14.150 at the apparatus finals .

Her strongest apparatus . Our National Anthem was heard on this podium of world cup. What a feeling it is !!!

Though she could not make it on Balancing Beam apparatus but she had won Gold for our country in Table Vault apparatus . It was more than anything else for her own-self .

She had proved it yet again .

Making INDIA proud again she has snatched a GOLD at this World Cup. She is the second women gymnast after Aruna Reddy who made history by bagging on the first world cup bronze medal for the country .

I am proud that both the daughters of India are working towards their 2020 goal and their bang on step is the forthcoming Asian Games to be held during 18 to 26th August 2018 at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Wishing all the best to conquer medals for our motherland .

Picture : Pooja Shriniwas Surve & Dipa Karmakar, Coach Bisweswar Nandi

Article by :

Ms. Pooja Shriniwas Surve

International Rhythmic Gymnast of India ( cwg rank 16 and 1st from India ) FIG Level 1 International Coach with rank 3 at the international level

FIG International Judge ( cat 3 RGI and RGG )

Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee ( Govt of Maharashtra ) Director, The Phoenix Gymnastics Academy.

India's Prudunova Girl Dipa Karmakar, Her Coach Bisweswar Nandi, Her Father Dulal Karmakar being felicitated in TIWN Agartala office after CWG Success

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