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National to International ‘CLOWN’ : PM Modi's 'Motormouth' burden Biplab Deb tarnished BJP’s image Globally
Anirban Mitra
National to International ‘CLOWN’ : PM Modi's 'Motormouth' burden Biplab Deb tarnished BJP’s image Globally
PHOTO : PM Narendra Modi, Inset Tripura CM Biplab Deb. TIWN File Photo

Prime Minister Modi's embarrassment in foreign soil continue due to lapses of his Chief Ministers from Adtyanath Yogi to 'Motormouth' Tripura CM Biplab Deb.

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde on Thursday (April 19,2018) said Indian authorities, starting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, should pay more attention to the safety of women in the country. Her remarks come amid nationwide outrage over the rape of minor girls in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua and Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao district.

IMF’s managing director said that when she last met Modi in Davos in January, she had told him that he had not mentioned the women of India enough. “And it is not just a question of talking about them,” she said.

After UP CM's wrong handling of Unnao rape case & shielding criminal MLA Kuldeep Singh, Modi's embarrasment doubled as Tripura's new CM Biplab Deb started lecturing national population on 'Internet's existance during Mahabharat Era'. 

Finally Biplab Deb got the hard slap from Narendra Modi for spoiling BJP’s image nationally by foolishly propagating ‘Internet in Mahabharat Era’ claims which already turned Biplab Deb a national clown. In a strongly worded statement to BJP lawmakers who resort to foot-in-mouth remarks, PM Modi on Sunday (April 22,2018) asked them to avoid making controversial statements before the media, which, in turn, boomerangs to hurt the party as well as one’s image. While interacting with BJP MPs and MLAs through the NaMo App, Modi said party members should not always blame the media for blowing things out of proportion since it was them who provide “masala” to the press. 

Prime Minister Modi was infuriated on Biplab Deb for spoiling BJP’s image nationally by giving embarrassing interviews in NDTV and other national media’s by claiming existence of Internet, Satellite in Mahabharat era ...which dented BJP’s intellectual image and established BJP’s youngest CM as a National CLOWN.

On April 17, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb became the toast of social media after he claimed that Internet was not gifted to mankind by the US and it was invented lakhs of years ago and the knowledge of satellite communication existed during the period of Mahabharata. In January, Union minister Satyapal Singh claimed that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was “scientifically wrong” and suggested that it be removed from school and college curriculum.  However, it seems the PM’s message did not reach Union Minister Santosh Gangwar. While commenting on the Kathua gang rape case, Gangwar on Sunday said in a country as big as India people should not make an issue out of one or two rape incidents.

In 1 month of BJP rule, Chief Minister Biplab Deb's gaffes filled with poor or no knowledge of World Science/ Technology, History of Geography continue to embarrass BJP cadres amid mass curiosity on Biplab's educational background.

Biplab's uttering like Internet invented by India likely to shock even internet savvy Prime Minister Narendra Modi to other BJP intellectuals. Its hightime Ram Madhav, Sunil Deodhar trains this immature boy before more embarrassments created by regular gaffes.

BJP forgot that BJP won election with only 43% vote share compared to CPI-M's 42.7% vote share(as per EC data) high anti-incubency wave was cause of people opting for BJP. Biplab Deb's poor knowledge of science, technology, world geography, history already exposed by various long lectures.

Doing mistake is one thing but confident lecturing like a fool is another thing which CM needs to learn.Biplab Deb said, "Not US and other Western Countries, but the internet was invented by India before lakhs of years. Many may decline the fact, but if internet was not there, how Sanjay (a figure of Mahabharata) could see the Kurukshetra war and describe Dritarashtra about that ? That means internet was there, Satellite was there".

TIWN Youtube Video of CM's speech

Biplab Deb claimed Internet, Satellite invented in India Lakhs of years back.

Not only that, epic Mahabharat's blind King Dhritarastra communicated via Internet with Sanjay for Live  coverage of Kurukshetra War between Kouravas & Pandavas

Whereas Biplab Deb claimed internet was invented during Mahabharata's era, in the presence of many northeast delegates, Tripura's youths left their comments for Biplab Deb, requesting him to "Think about Unemployment issue, instead of Mahabharata and fairy tales".

CM kept on saying, "I feel proud that I was born in such a country which is much advanced in technology.The countries, which claim them as the best countries are hiring India's talents to upgrade their software mechanism".

Chief Minister was addressing in a workshop on 'PDS Computerization and Reforms. Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland representatives attended the workshop with Tripura at the Pragna Bhawan and caused a major embarrassment for the Tripura Govt before foreign delegates.

This is not the first time that Biplab Deb has displayed his foolishness, but recently in ONGC organized  programme on Dr BR Ambedkar's birth anniversary CM said, Amazon river is in Africa.

CM said, "Tripura's Chabimura is better than Africa's Amazon. Under our Govt, Chabimura tourist spot will become like Amazon river zone ! Tripura has so much of potentialities. It has Chabimura on Gomati river, where once you complete the ride of 7 to 8 km via boating, then you don't need to go to experience Amazon river anymore".

"I can challenge you that after the boating at Chabimura, you do not need to go anywhere. Tripura Govt is taking care of all necessities of a tourist and we are shaping the Chabimura with that vision. Go there for a trip and if you don't love the place after the trip, I will return you trip fare. Our visionary Tourism dept is working on this and if after the visit you do not feel it's better experience than Amazon-experience then, your whole money will be returned from my salary", he said.

Now it's to be seen how much damages will be done by the BJP Chief Minister with his Visionary eyes and pathetic general knowledge in coming days.

Hopefully, after Narendra Modi’s tight slap, Biplab Deb will recover from his “blurred vision” of "Internet-era in Mahabharata". 

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