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'No need to go to Africa's (?) Amazon river, under BJP Govt Chabimura will beat Amazon'
Sanjay Majumder
'No need to go to Africa's (?) Amazon river, under BJP Govt Chabimura will beat Amazon'
PHOTO : Tripura CM at ONGC Complex, unveiled 7 ft Bronze Statue of Dr B R Ambedkar. TIWN Pic April 14

Tripura’s new Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s entry into State Administration began with series of gaffes with no immediate cure in sight.

On April 14, 2018 at Agartala ONGC complex Ambedkar Statue inauguration, CM claimed Chabimura can be made better than Amazon river basin, also Amazon is located in Africa.

Believe it or not, Chief Minister Biplab Deb already exposed his poor knowledge on World geograpghy by comparing might Amazon basin with Tripura's Tiny Chabimura. That too Amazon is lcoated in South America but CM claimed its in Africa.

Already lakhs of people unconvinced and questioning if this is another "PAKODA" promise where reality will never meet imagination ?

On April 14,2018, mentioning a wrong location for South America's Amazon river, Tripura CM claimed, "Tripura's Chabimura is better than Africa's Amazon". It was not a fairy tale that Chief Minister Biplab Deb was blabbering, but in ONGC organized Dr B R Ambedkar's Birth anniversary programme he said, "Under our Govt, Chabimura tourist spot will become like Amazon river zone" ! "Tripura has so much of potentialities. It has Chabimura on Gomati river, where once you complete the ride of 7 to 8 km via boating, then you don't need to go to experience Amazon river anymore". 

"I can challenge you that after the boating at Chabimura, you do not need to go anywhere. Tripura Govt is taking care of all necessities of a tourist and we are shaping the Chabimura with that vision. Go there for a trip and if you don't love the place after the trip, I will return you trip fare", CM said.  

"Our visionary Tourism dept is working on this and if after the visit you do not feel it's better experience than Amazon-experience then, your whole money will be returned from my salary", CM added. 

However, the Chief Minister didn't mention whether anytime he visited Africa's (Its actually in South America)  Amazon river or not ?

Chabimura is famous for its panels of rock carvings on the steep mountain wall on the bank of Gomati. There are huge images carved of Shiva, Vishnu, kartika, Mahisasurmardini Durga and other Gods and goddesses. These images date back to 15th-16th centuries AD. Chabumura is 30 km away from Udaipur and   12 km from Amarpur Sub-Division. These beautiful images are curved with a lot of dexterity on the rocky faces of Devtamura which is steep at 90 degrees. The hill ranges are covered with thick jungles and one can reach this abode of gods only after trekking through these jungles. The road leading to the river bank where the rock cut images exist are itself is a treat to the eye. The area is also an eco-Tourism centre but this tiny place is no match for thousands of miles Amazon basin.

Chief Minister has challenged to shape Chabimura with Amazon model even though CM's knowledge base ZERO in terms of geography.

However, it's to be seen, how far CM remembers his promise about Chabimura in coming days or it turns into another PAKODA promise.

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