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Corrupt OSD's role behind Biplab Deb's blind eye over Rose Valley Chit Fund Scam
Sanjay Majumder
Corrupt OSD's role behind Biplab Deb's blind eye over Rose Valley Chit Fund Scam
PHOTO : TIWN Pics : Dilip Ray's Rs 1.1 Crore mansion (left), OSD Dilip Ray with CM,Gautam Das

Chief Minister Biplab Deb led BJP Govt’s Pre-Poll Promise of ordering CBI investigation against Rose Valley Chit Fund Scam maynot see light of the day because Rose Valley main patron Gautam Das’s relative Dilip Ray is appointed by Chief Minister as his OSD (Officer on Special Duty).

Biplab Deb’s eagerness to accommodate an inept and career corrupt TPS official deprived hundreds of honest IAS,TCS,TPS officials. Apart from shocking State Bureaucrats who saw this appointment as new CM’s immaturity or secret understanding, TIWN found that all the State BJP functionaries also fuming against Biplab’s wrong choice as OSD. BJP Agartala HQ officer bearers to District leaders, multiple MLAs, two Ministers already expressed their frustration to TIWN about this ethically wrong recruitment of OSD whose TPS title itself was a product of TPSC scam.

Tripura’s honest Govt officials to general public heaved a sigh of relief after Biplab Deb led BJP Govt assumed power to weed out all CPI-M era’s corruption but Chief Minister’s first appointment of Dilip Ray as OSD (Officer on Special Duty) signaled Biplab Deb’s secret compromise or reluctance to fight against CPI-M’s thousands of crores corruption in 25 years era.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s long initiative against Govt’s organized corruption already bitten dust in Tripura as BJP Govt failed in its first Cabinet meeting to announce CBI probe against CPI-M’s Rose Valley Scam, which was a pre-election promise to Tripura people. TIWN spoke with various BJP Ministers and no one seems interested to order enquiry into CPI-M’s involvement with massive Rose Valley Chit Fund Scam.

Biplab Deb by appointing a career corrupt official like Dilip Ray into OSD’s post signaled that Tripura likely to follow the path of Maharastra’s ‘Cash for Work Order Scam’ under OSD Dr Charudutt Shinde of Maharastra Education Minister Vinod Tawde.

Dilip Ray with his Rs 40,000/- approx salary of a TPS officer, Commandant’s salary amassed huge wealth and properties over Rs 8 to 10 crores in Tripura and outside State.

Dilip Ray’s Rs 1.1 crore mansion in Agartala in nearing completion, so far Rs 1.1 crore money spent, another 70 to 80 Lakhs are to be spent on interiors within next 3 months.

Question raises, from where Dilip Ray earned crores ???  By doing Tripura Govt Job in Agartala ?

Dilip Ray married to niece of Gautam Das, CPI-M’s strongman cum Party Spokesman so Dilip Ray’s rampant corruption in amassing wealth during CPI-M era went scot-free.

TIWN demands immediate ACB Probe, Vigilance Probe, Income Tax Probe into Dilip Ray’s ill gotten wealth.

If new BJP Govt led by Biplab Deb wants to show transparency and willpower to fight against corruption then TIWN requests BJP Govt to immediate ordering of probes in North Tripura Timber smuggling, DSP Kalyan Sarkar murder in 2002 and investigating Dilip Ray’s crores of wealth.  All 3 issues are interrelated and root cause behind crores of wealth.

Apart from that, BJP Govt must investigate 1998 era TPSC scam where Manik Sarkar, Gautam Das led CPI-M gifted TCS,TPS posts to their relatives like Dilip Ray – lakhs of genuine graduates were denied chance to compete in TPSC and become TCS,TPS officials.

1998’s TPSC under Manik Sarkar’s right hand Suprassana Chakraborty conducted TPSC examinations for namesake but given postings to Dilip Ray kind of CPI-M family members who will 100% fail TPSC exam if conducted again neutrally.

Tripura BJP must learn a lesson from a stunning blow of 2 prestigious Assembly By-Poll seats in U.P as Saffron Party lost CM Yogi Adityanath  & Deputy CM’s decades old Gorakhpur & Phulpur seats. Biplab Deb led Tripura BJP Govt in a highly irresponsible manner appointed a most corrupt TPS officer into the post of OSD(officer on special duty) at State Secretariat without evaluating OSD Dilip Ray’s ties with CPI-M’s most corrupt & Rose Valley scamster Gautam Das. Dilip Ray’s past filled with allegations of DSP Kalyan Sarkar murder in 2002 and amassing wealth beyond the known sources of income as an ordinary TPS officer.

Dilip Ray’s Rs 1.1 crore palatial mansion under construction at Kargill Chowmuhani, Dhaleshwar raise eyebrows that from where this officer managed to amass this large amount of money for construction ? 

This 3 storied mansion with an underground floor is fitted with expensive stones and designer materials which is disproportionate to a TPS officer’s salary. Chief Minister Biplab Deb must order a vigilance probe and dismiss this tainted official from OSD post unless BJP Govt attracts undue media attention & public wrath for harboring CPI-M era’s corrupt officials.

Dilip Ray is married to CPI-M spokesman Gautam Das’s niece- so from an ordinary background, overnight Dilip Ray bagged TPS in 1998 (allegedly via backdoor corruption).

TPS officer Dilip Ray’s meagre Police Salary didn’t prevent this tainted official to construct an approx. Rs 1.1 crore Bunglow with luxary stones & materials at Kargill Chowmuhani, Dhaleswar area in Agartala which is a glaring example of CPI-M’s rampant corruption.

Dilip Ray’s corruption saga began when he was a SDPO posted in Dharmanagar in 2002 – from cross-border smuggling gangs to timber smugglers, extra income kept this official enriched.

In 22 March 2002, alongwith smugglers, Tripura and Manipur based millitants wanted a large lumpsum money in exchange of the kidnapped girl Nayank Agarwal from Shillong.

Rather than recovering the girl or killing militants, allegedly Dilip Ray led corrupt Police officials killed a honest DSP Kalyan Sarkar & 2 Police constables. However corrupt Police officials blamed the shooting as a crossfire, even though no militant or smuggler was not even seen on that fateful day of 22 March,2002.

In 2002, preliminary investigation into SDPO Dilip Ray led Police firing and subsequent killing of DSP (Intelligence)Kalyan Sarkar and 2 other Police officials on March 22,2002 pointed towards unholy nexus of a group of Tripura Police officials and Dharmanagar based smugglers.

Manik Sarkar led CPI-M Govt wasted no time in closing this case without investigation so that  Gautam Das’s own niece’s husband Dilip Ray’s criminal role remain unknown to public.

During this brutal killing of DSP Kalyan Sarkar by his own Police officials, eyewitnesses later accused Dilip Ray as the mastermind as there was heavy enemity between DSP Kalyan Sarkar and then SDPO Dilip Ray.

From sources it was found that in 2002, SDPO Dharmanagar was making good money from Dharmanagar based smugglers.

But honest Police officer DSP Kalyan Sarkar was a hurdle behind this nexus of smugglers and Police officials so a section of Tripura Police Officials finally eliminated DSP Kalyan Sarkar under the excuse of crossfire among security forces.

Dilip Ray’s selection as TPS officer was a highly questionable because during 1998, TPSC (Tripura Public Service Commission) under the Chairmanship of Suprasanna Chakraborty distributed TCS, TPS posts to all CPI-M family candidates.

Manik Sarkar’s close comrade Suprasanna Chakraborty’s era as TPSC Chairman was called a dark period with full of corruptions and rampant allotment of TCS, TPS grades to only CPI-M families. Dilip Ray’s TPS allotment also during 1998 era when CPI-M families appeared in TPSC exam for names sake but given these prime Civil Servant jobs.

From various Police officials, TIWN learnt that Dilip Ray heavily misused TSR forces during his stint as commandant – he forced TSR jawans to cut forest trees to curve sculptures which he showcased to Manik Sarkar as an artist genius for years.  Even Dilip Ray conducted an exhibition of his sculptures at Press Club.

From 2014, even in 2017 to help his another corrupt friend’s Quiz Competition, Dilip Ray engaged the whole TSR battalion illegally to make arrangements in Rabindra Bhavan.  Dozens of Police vehicles, hundreds of TSR forces were deployed in plainclothes to organize a Quiz competition.

Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s appointment of such a tainted officer as OSD shocked media and TCS, TPS officials Statewide.

In 3 days of appointment as OSD to CM, Dilip Ray already lined up CPI-M’s corrupt contractors, officials to greet Biplab Deb with garlands.

Question raises, how such a corrupt TPS officer and CPI-M spy made his entry into BJP Chief Minister’s inner circle at State Secretariat as OSD (Officer-on-Special Duty) ?

Tripura expected a clean governance from BJP – but by posting such tainted CPI-M’s close coterie into sensitive posts, what Biplab Deb is signaling to Tripura public and media ?

What stopping Tripura CM to choose a clean and non-CPI-M official out of hundreds of serving IAS,IPS,TCS,TPS officers in State for OSD Post in Secretariat ?

Unless Tripura BJP Govt orders an immediate vigilance probe into Dilip Ray’s ill gotten wealth and DSP murder, public may doubt Biplab Deb led BJP Govt’s Poll promises to fight against CPI-M’s rampant 25 years corruption.

Sunil Deodhar and Biplab Deb must remember that  BJP got 43% vote share only, CPI-M still got 42.7% Vote share...only 0.3% differnce– so, without strong steps against CPI-M corruption, BJP likely to bite dust in 2019 Lok Sabha Election 2 MP seats from Tripura.

Election Commission of India result and vote percentage in Tripura : BJP 43%, CPI-M 42.7%


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