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Tripura’s massive TCS,TPS recruitment scam : CPI-M Ministers, MLAs bagged TCS,TPS posts via backdoor since 25 yrs
Sanjay Majumder
Tripura’s massive TCS,TPS recruitment scam : CPI-M Ministers, MLAs bagged TCS,TPS posts via backdoor since 25 yrs
PHOTO : TIWN File Photos : Corrupt TCS Bimal Chakraborty, Panna Ahmed & Godfather Manik Sarkar

CPI-M’s 25 years corrupt era not only looted Central Funds and created 8 Lakhs unemployment but Manik Sarkar led Communist Party created Communist cadres family of TCS, TPS officials to control grassroots of State Bureaucracy.

CPI-M’s 25 years organized corruption in TPSC produced massive number of TCS, TPS officials who are bound to remain loyal communists as they are from CPI-M families.

Otherwise how come Manik Sarkar’s close aide Bimal Chakraborty selected in TCS, his brother Kamal Chakraborty selected in TPS, Communist family’s Panna Ahmed selected in TCS, followed by CPI-M Party spokesman Gautam Das relative Dilip Ray selected in TPS, then CPI-M Minister Badal Chowdhury’s elder brother Ranjit Chowdhury’s son Abhijit Choudhury selected in TPS, another Badal Chowdhury relative Uttam Kumar Bhowmik selected in TPS ???

Manik Sarkar deprived Hundreds of TCS,TPS posts to meritorious candidates and distributed these coveted State cadre posts to CPI-M’s close coterie of Comrades.

Question raises why every CPI-M Minister, MLA, Party leader children were selected for TCS, TPS Posts ? Are they selected based on merit or TPSC test was closed-door sham for them ?

These TCS, TPS officials selection itself was under cloud as they never possessed good educational performance in school or Degree level but they passed TPSC test with flying colors, also appeared as a topper like corrupt TCS Panna Ahmed or Bimal Chakraborty. Upon selection in TCS, TPS – they were given plum posts like Bimal Chakraborty’s brother Kamal Chakraborty was SP Security for Manik Sarkar during his stint as Chief Minister.

Apart from that many TPS officials like Badal Chowdhury’s relative SP Uttam Kr Bhowmik was given luxury post in Police HQ so that he can serve(?) public with official amenities.

Biplab Deb led Tripura Government must investigate each TCS, TPS, TFS recruitment of CPI-M family members  via TPSC in past 25 years.

In past 5 years, many TPSC aspirants complained to TIWN that how a Shyamoli Bazar based coaching center bagging 95% of TCS, TPS posts via their illicit connection with TPSC officials so that these CPI-M cadre family members knowing TPSC questions in advance before the actual examination ?

Also multiple allegations raised over TPSC question papers leaking by TPSC officials to these close coterie of CPI-M family members via this Shyamoli Bazar based Coaching Center.

From sources, a senior Journalist of a Tripura’s media plays the conduit between Shyamoli Bazar based coaching center and corrupt TPSC officials for question paper leaking.

So no surprises that, TCS officers like rapist Panna Ahmed to MGNREGA Scamster Bimal Chakraborty are all products of this corrupt system and Shyamolibazar’s coaching center ?

Both Panna Ahmed and Bimal Chakraborty were arrested due to public pressure but were released without conviction because of connection with Manik Sarkar ?

Apart from these above names there are CPI-M aligned TPS officials like Krishnendu Chakravertty to Arindam Nath - both failed to file annual mandatory IPR, their assets (Immovable Property Return) which covered in earlier news

BJP Govt should investigate each CPI-M family member’s TCS, TPS,TFS selections case by case basis and cancel all these selections which are products of a highly corrupted system.

Manik Sarkar’s communist era created hundreds of CPI-M family bureaucrats who are part of a larger corruption machinery from grassroot BDO to DM and Secretary levels.

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