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Scamster Himanta led Tripura BJP's Political Suicide : former Terrorists meeting with PM angers Tripura voters
Dibyendu Roy
Scamster Himanta led Tripura BJP's Political Suicide : former Terrorists meeting with PM angers Tripura voters
PHOTO : Prime Minister, Home Minister meeting with former Terrorists. TIWN. File Photo naked IPFT

Sarada Chit Fund scamster Himanta Biswa Sarma led Tripura BJP’s suicidal politics finally exposed as anti-Bengali separatist party leaders from IPFT, TSP were granted audience with Prime Minister, Home Minister in New Delhi on January 4,2018 to voice their evil plan to form separate Tipraland State. Himanta Biswa kept these separatist leaders in liquor filled luxary accommodation in Guwahati before escorting them to Delhi.

Instead of creating CPI-M's Ganmukti Parishad like party unit, BJP is now busy to woo tribal vote banks by hiring sidelined, alienated parties as IPFT, INPT,TSP, NCT whose many leaders in past were involved in Terrorism, accused of Bengali massacre, Divisive communal forces like IPFT who had no shame to launch 'Naked Rally' blocking National Highways. PM Modi in last year 2016 didn't meet Asish Saha like Congress MLAs during their Trinamool leadership even though they stayed at New Delhi for long time to voice Tripura’s various issues .

But surprisingly, when against Kashmir separatists PM Modi's tone has been tough always, but now Modi has been seen with Tipraland separatists  from  Tipraland State Party (TSP). Such communal leaders neither has mass following nor came in media limelights even but they are meeting the Prime Minister at his chamber due to backdoor arrangements by Himanta Biswa & Sunil Deodhar .

BJP’s appeasement to anti-Bengali separatist parties frustrating Tripura’s Modi fans, who are aligned to BJP for Modi's patriotism.

IPFT, TSP’s hobnobbing with Prime Minister, Home Minister was led by Himanta Biswa who himself is clueless about sentiments of Tripura majority population.

BJP could never win in West Bengal due to foolish politics with Gorkhakand separate State Demand, in the same manner, the BJP can never win Tripura by fooling majority  Bengalis.

One thing is now coming under doubt that the Bengalis residing in Tripura after 1971 will be abandoned from Tripura just like Assam Govt is trying to do in Assam. In this condition BJP's purity, fresh nationalistic wave is rotting with unnecessary mixing of the party's heads with ex-terrorists in Tripura.

Tripura BJP’s political suicides due to Himanta Biswa and Deodhar’s covert support to anti-Bengali separatist parties only to garner Tribal votes, But it will cause heavy losses to the Bengali vote banks and  CPI-M's defeat will be impossible, just like Himanta Biswa Sarma’s foolish boast to Manik Sarkar in  his Dhanpur constituency after warning CM’s packing off  to Bangladesh. 

Now BJP’s downfall set to begin in Tripura as  CPI-M will target BJP heavily for supporting ex-Terrorists, anti-Bengali separatist leaders whose  sole aim to carve out a separate Tipraland State depriving land rights to majority Bengalees, who were living in Tripura’s plain lands since centuries of British India’s occupation.

Himanta Biswa Sarma is called as North East India's most corupt politician and TIWN covered this scamster in earlier articles.

Needless to say, State BJP’s political suicide will alienate majority Bengali voter base to CPI-M.

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