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10323 Recruitment Scam : CPI-M's brutal circus with hapless lives
Sanjay Majumder
10323 Recruitment Scam : CPI-M's brutal circus with hapless lives
PHOTO : 10323 Teachers lives at peril due to wrong recruitment policy by Manik Sarkar, S.K. Panda guided Tripura Govt. TIWN File Pics

If Manik Sarkar, Tapan Chakraborty & crook bureaucrats like S.K.Panda thinking that Supreme Court's latest action for allowing Tripura Govt to re-appoint 10323 ad-hoc teachers for 6 months will supply oxygen for CPI-M in Assembly Poll then they are living in fools paradise.

Manik Sarkar, Tapan Chakraborty & other CPI-M clowns victory smiles all set to vanish soon as CPI-M misguided people on SC order, as 10323 Teachers jobs will be terminated on Dec 31,2017 as per earlier order and Tripura Govt has to issue a circular for ad-hoc recruitment which will expire within 6 months.

With the updation of Supreme Court's order on 10323 termination case by Dec 14 Thursday evening , the hypocrisy of ruling CPI-M and its boot-licker organ H B Road had once again been exposed as the facts have been revealed that in 10323 teachers' termination case the Apex Court did not issue any order of continuation of service order, but purely this will be a fresh appointment on ad-hoc basis and that too will only last for a period of 6 months.

With this order the CPI-M party's dirty game of playing with the mind of 10323 teachers has once again been exposed.

TIWN’ consulted with eminent legal analysts who took closer look on the judgement passed by the Supreme Court.

On hearing the the appeal of the state gov't regarding the extension of service of 10323 teachers the Apex Court categorically said,

Time granted by this Court in terms of order dated 24 October 2017, is extended till 30th June 2018 , subject to condition that the judgement dated 29th March 2017 will be strictly complied with . On 31st December 2017 the tenure of the incumbents(please read 10323 teachers) will come to an end . Thereafter, their appointment will only for six months on ad-hoc basis on such fresh terms as the State Government may impose . " 

In a crucial point the Apex Court said ,Thereafter none of the said incumbents will continue ." 

Again in response to the appeal submitted by a section of victim Graduate teachers among the 10323 teachers regarding a Review Petition on the judgement passed by this Court on 29th March 2017, the Division Bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justice Uday Umesh Lalit and Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel, on hearing in" IA No 127312/2017- Exemption from filing C/C of theImpunged Judgement and IA No 127311/2017-Permission to file SLP/TP" in the Nirmal Kanti Das & ORS Verus The Stateof Tripura case the Apex Court made it clear ,

The Special Leave Petition is dismissed as withdrawn . "

From the order of the Apex Court the following points becomes abosolutely clear:

1) That the service of the 10323 terminated teachers will surely be terminated on 31st December 2017

2) That the 10323 terminated teachers did not get a single day's of Extension of Service 

3) That the hypocrisy of CPI-M and H B Road have been exposed 

4) That the 10323 teachers will have to be issued termination letter with 31st December 2017(if the state govt does not want to invite fresh complications)

5) That the state gov't will have to issue fresh employment notices these terminated teachers w.e.f. 1st January 2018 .

6) That the state gov't is at liberty to set a new  salary structure on its own, that means even it can provide lesser salary than their current salary 

7) That the over enthusiastic activities of the CPI-M party workers and CPI-Ms boot licker organ H B Road were simply to gather support for CPI-M , not to work in favour of 10323 terminated teachers.  

 Thus, the fact is that the service of the 10323 teachers will automatically be terminated on 31st December,  2017

Supreme Court order mentioning cancellation of 10323 teachers jobs on Dec 31, 2017

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