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'Raping Democracy' in Manik Sarkar's style
Anirban Mitra
'Raping Democracy' in Manik Sarkar's style
PHOTO : Journalist Sudip Datta Bhaumik murder TIWN. File Photo Manik Sarkar

Among all the Communist Chief Ministers in India, no one can beat Manik Sarkar when it comes to criminality and enacting 'natural' looking dramas to fool people.

Not long ago when Manik Sarkar walked across Agartala streets shedding 'crocodile tears' for 'Tripura's Unknown' Journalist Gauri Lankesh who was murdered in faraway Bangalore or the wily CM when flew to Hyderabad to pay homage to another leftist activist Rohit Vemula  - no one in Tripura could understand the reason behind such dramas to fetch national publicity.

Now when Manik Sarkar's own police force brutally kill Journalist Sudip Datta Bhowmik or aided murder of another Journalist Santanu Bhowmik then same Chief Minister failed to pay homage to dead bodies of slain Journalists right in Agartala.

Since 30+ years since the era when Manik Sarkar was SFI State Secretary, Manik chosen his all trusted folks to occupy various party positions - thats the main reason no one inside Tripura CPI-M has guts to question functioning of Manik Sarkar.

Being part of Indian democracy but doing exactly opposite action of autocracy, Manik Sarkar from early stage mastered the style of imposing MAFIA style autocratic leadership style in every spheres of domain he eintered - from CPI-M party to State Secretariat.

Not only that, Manik Sarkar corrupted Tripura Civil Services (TPSC) to such extent that no meritorius student are getting any TCS, TPS selections as all these coveted posts are distributed among trusted circle of CPI-M families.

Manik Sarkar controlled TPSC thatswhy produced TCS,TPS thugs like Bimal Chakraborty, Panna Ahmed and murderers like Tapan Debbarma.

Why TSR Commandant Tapan Debbarma brutally killed Journalist Sudip Datta Bhowmik in broad daylight in TSR Btn HQ raises the question of CM's silent hand to supress corruption before Assembly Election.

In other words, as a Chief Minister of Tripura, Manik Sarkar grossly misused his official powers to 'RAPE' values of democratic institutions liek State Govt machinery.

In this darkness, only consolation is  Governor Tathagata Roy's bold statement " “I will go till the end of the incident (Journalist Murder). This is more dangerous than Santanu murder case. How by state rifles, a journalist was killed. Constantly 2 murders one after one is intolerable. I will go till the end of it, that much I can promise you”.

Governor also assured to talk about CBI investigation in both of the murder cases.

Tripura is eagarly waiting for that miracle now....when 25 years Evil phase of Manik Sarkar will end for all !!!

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