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Israel's Hi-Tech innovation : Artificial Intelligence to detect terrorists from facial profiling
Saumen Sarker
Israel's Hi-Tech innovation : Artificial Intelligence to detect terrorists from facial profiling
PHOTO : Faception Technology detected 'Paris attack' terrorists successfully. TIWN

Israeli start-up company 'Faception' is claiming it can spot terrorists by simply analyzing their faces and says it is working with “a leading Homeland Security Agency” to identify potential threats.

The company, founded in 2014, uses “computer vision and machine learning technology” to profile people from just a facial image and says it can reveal a range of personality traits and types.
So far it has built 15 different classifiers, including extrovert, genius, academic researcher, professional poker players, bingo player, brand promoter, white collar offender, paedophile and terrorist.

However Faception notes on its website that this is customizable and a relevant classifier could be built if the desired behaviour originates from a person’s DNA.
DNA is the key, according to company CEO Shai Gilboa. “Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face. It’s a kind of signal,” he told The Washington Post.

The company also relies on ‘social and life science research’ to back up its considerable claim, citing research from Edinburgh University exploring the impact genetics has on personality traits by studying identical and non-identical twins

Homeland security and public safety are the primary focus of Faception, although the technology is also applicable to financial services, marketing and artificial intelligence.

A marketing video explains that the technology goes beyond facial recognition and can predict terrorists. It references last year’s Paris attacks as an example of how the technology can work.

“Only three of the 11 terrorists had a previous record, our technology classified nine of those as potential terrorists with no prior knowledge, that’s why we’re working with the leading Homeland Security Agency,” the video claims.

It also noted its success at a poker tournament where two of the four players it predicted as the best out of 50 made it into the final. It compared the photos of the amateur players against a Faception database of professional poker players to get those results.

Gilboa told The Washington Post accuracy is about 80 percent, meaning one in five could be incorrectly classified as a terrorist or paedophile.

Faception is first-to-technology and first-to-market with proprietary computer vision and machine learning technology for profiling people and revealing their personality based only on their facial image.

Faception can analyze faces from video streams (recorded and live), cameras, or online/offline databases, encode the faces in proprietary image descriptors and match an individual with various personality traits and types with a high level of accuracy.

Faception develop proprietary classifiers, each describing a certain personality type or trait such as an Extrovert, a person with High IQ, Professional Poker Player or a Terrorist.

Faception offers an SDK to enable companies in various industries embed our technology in their applications. 

The application runs in the cloud, on a local machine, or a video camera, is flexible, scalable and real time, and can integrate with other solutions such as Facial Recognition technology to provide a full spectrum solution that covers known and anonymous individuals.
Proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms
Analyzes facial images from any source
Conduct Image quality analysis and filtering
Provides scores and confidence levels for various personality traits and types
Scalable and real-time
Available as a SaaS solution, on a local machine, on camera,
Accessible via SDK
Can integrate with complementary solutions such as facial recognition

Article Input Courtsey : Faception, Israel;  Washinton Post

Writer working as a Vice President in a leading US Bank. Also a Network Communications & Security Engineering Architect based in New York with 20+ yrs experience in Internetworking, Network Security and previously worked at General Electric, Cisco Systems, Bank of New York, Merrill Lynch, NYC Govt DoITT,  NEC , Hewlett Packard.

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