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Israel, Hamas indirect ceasefire talks to resume from today in Doha and Cairo
Israel, Hamas indirect ceasefire talks to resume from today in Doha and Cairo

Tel Aviv, April 4 : The indirect ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas are set to resume from Saturday in the Qatar's capital of Doha and the Egyptian capital of Cairo.

Sources in the Israeli Prime Minister's office told IANS that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already agreed to send two separate delegations for resuming mediatory talks.

The Doha delegation will be headed by Mossad Chief David Barnea while the team to Cairo will be led by the head of Shin Bet, Ronen Bar.

The Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, according to sources in his office, have agreed for sending these delegations following pressure from the families of hostages and missing persons.

The Israeli side has pulled out of a negotiation deal last week after it denied many demands put forward by the mediators on behalf of Hamas. This include a permanent ceasefire and releasing of several Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.

Top sources in Israel Defence Ministry told IANS that Israel would never agree for a permanent ceasefire and also have reservations in releasing many Palestinian prisoners whose names were put forward by Hamas indirectly through the mediators.

The contention of Israel, according to these sources, is that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has made significant strides in the war and that it was only a matter of time to eliminate Hamas militarily.

The IDF and military intelligence have already briefed Israel's War Cabinet on the progress of war and the huge advantage Israeli side was having.

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