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Jenin mosque strike 'dangerous escalation', says Palestinian Foreign Ministry
Jenin mosque strike 'dangerous escalation', says Palestinian Foreign Ministry

Gaza, Oct 22 : The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has said it views the strike on a refugee camp in the city of Jenin as a “dangerous escalation.”

The Israeli military said it launched an airstrike early Sunday against a mosque in the West Bank city of Jenin to thwart what it called "an imminent terror attack.”  “The Ministry views with great seriousness the bombing of the Jenin camp yesterday, and considers it a dangerous escalation using warplanes, resulting in Palestinian civilian casualties and terrorizing them, including children and women,” the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said in a statement following the air strike.  It labelled the strike as “an attempt to generalize the model of bombing the Gaza Strip to areas in the occupied West Bank.” 

The ministry also criticized the international community “for its failure to move so far to stop this Israeli killing and destruction against Gaza and its people, and considers that its responses are weak, selective and biased and do not rise to the level of the extent of the genocide that the Gaza Strip is being exposed to.”

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