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'Moscow to re-examine relations with states imposing sanctions'
'Moscow to re-examine relations with states imposing sanctions'

Moscow, Feb 26 (TIWN) Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said Saturday that the current sanctions against Russia could be a reason to review relations with all states that have imposed them.

"Sanctions are a good reason to review all relations with those states that have imposed them, and to interrupt dialogue on strategic stability," Medvedev said in a post on his Vkontakte page, Xinhua news agency reported.  These restrictions will not change anything, including Moscow's decision to conduct a military operation and to protect Donbass, he wrote, adding that the operation would be carried out in full until the final results are achieved.  Medvedev said that the sanctions were imposed due to the "political impotence" of Western leaders and their "inability to change Russia's course," and were also used as a means to justify "their shameful decisions."  The West is also threatening to seize the money of Russian citizens and Russian companies abroad, Medvedev wrote, noting that this will bring about a symmetrical response, namely seizing funds of foreigners and foreign companies in Russia.

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