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Canadian MPs pass vote on Emergencies Act use against convoy blockades
Canadian MPs pass vote on Emergencies Act use against convoy blockades

Ottawa, Feb 22 (TIWN) Canada's House of Commons voted to pass the federal government's use of the Emergencies Act in response to the convoy blockades in Ottawa and at border crossings.

The 185-151 vote late Monday night was on a motion put forward by the Liberal government that outlined its decision to invoke the never-before-used emergency powers after weeks-long demonstrations dubbed the "Freedom Convoy 2022", reports Xinhua news agency  Since late January, Canadian truck drivers have been rallying against the government's Covid-19 vaccine mandates, as the truckers were requested to be fully vaccinated for crossing the border into the US.  After being joined by thousands of pedestrian protesters, the rally then turned into demonstrations against the government's overall restrictive measures during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Before voting, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked all MPs to "stand up for Canada", saying, "local and provincial authorities needed more tools to restore order and keep people safe".  The Emergencies Act can grant temporary additional and necessary powers to the federal government.  For example, the federal government can issue or adopt temporary orders and regulations when necessary for tackling a public order emergency.

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