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Satellite data shows forest loss 'higher-than-expected' in Germany
Satellite data shows forest loss 'higher-than-expected' in Germany

Berlin, Feb 22 (TIWN) Satellite data showed that the loss of forest land in Germany in the past years was considerably higher than expected, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) said.

Approximately 501,000 hectares of forest in Germany, almost 5 per cent of the country’s total forest area, were destroyed between 2018 and 2021, Xinhua news agency quoted an analysis of satellite data by DLR as saying.  The high forest loss during the observation period was triggered by “unusually severe heat and drought periods”, which also favoured infestation by insect pests such as the bark beetle, according to DLR.  The condition of Germany’s forests has been “steadily deteriorating for quite some time”, said Frank Thonfeld of DLR’s Earth Observation Center (EOC).   

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