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New yet weaker Iran nuke deal imminent: Israel PM
New yet weaker Iran nuke deal imminent: Israel PM

Jerusalem, Feb 21 (TIWN) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that Iran may soon sign a new nuclear agreement with world powers but the new deal is "weaker" than the previous one.

But "the new apparent agreement is shorter and weaker than the previous one," he said.

The Israeli leader warned that the lift of sanctions against Iran will provide the country with more money to build weapons.

Israel is prepared to protect its citizens' security, on its own, in any scenario, the Prime Minister noted.

While addressing the Munich Security Conference on Sunday, Defence Minister Benny Gantz urged the international community to use the emerging deal to tighten the oversight over Iran's nuclear program.

"Action must be taken to ensure that Iran does not continue enrichment in additional facilities, and oversight must be increased," he told the conference.

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