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S.Korean President's approval rating falls to 42.4%
S.Korean President's approval rating falls to 42.4%

Seoul, Feb 20 (TIWN) South Korean President Moon Jae-in's approval rating fell 0.8 percentage points to 42.4 per cent last week, a new poll revealed on Sunday.

The negative assessment on Moon's conduct of state affairs gained 1.2 percentage points to 54.1 percent, according to the Realmeter survey.  Support for Moon's ruling Democratic Party declined 1.1 percentage points to 37.1 percent last week. 

The main conservative opposition People Power Party secured 38.8 percent of support last week, up 2.0 percentage points from the previous week.  The minor centrist People's Party won 7.5 percent of approval score, followed by the minor progressive Justice Party with 3.6 percent of support.  As for the approval rating of presidential candidates, support for the Democratic Party's Lee Jae-myung shrank 0.4 percentage points over the week to 38.7 percent last week. 

Support for the People Power Party's Yoon Suk-yeol climbed 1.3 percentage points to 42.9 percent last week.  Ahn Cheol-soo of the People's Party garnered 8.3 percent of support, and Sim Sang-jeung of the Justice Party won 3.2 percent of approval rating. 

The country's presidential election is scheduled for March 9.  The results were based on a poll of 3,043 voters conducted from last Sunday to Friday. It had plus and minus 1.8 percentage points in margin of error with a 95 percent confidence level. 

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