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Former German troops arrested over alleged terror plot
Former German troops arrested over alleged terror plot

Berlin, Oct 20 (TIWN) Two former German soldiers have been arrested on suspicion of trying to form a terrorist mercenary force to fight in Yemen's civil war, officials said.

Arend-Adolf G and Achim A face terrorism charges after police raids in southern Germany on Wednesday.  They allegedly planned to recruit up to 150 men for a private army made up of former police officers and soldiers.  They wanted to offer their services to Saudi Arabia's government for illegal missions in Yemen, prosecutors said.  Yemen has been racked by a civil war between the Saudi Arabia-backed internationally recognised government and the armed Houthi movement since 2014.  Saudi Arabia entered the civil war in 2015 shortly after the capture of the capital, Sanaa, by the Houthis, who are supported by Iran.

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