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Kabul's 'terror challenge' in Kashmir and global impact
Kabul's 'terror challenge' in Kashmir and global impact

Kabul/New Delhi, Aug 30 (TIWN) Global media reports supported by security experts indicate that the Taliban 2.0 now ensconced in Afghanistan has come to control $85 billion military equipment, including 600,000 small arms, 200 planes/choppers, black hawks, night vision devices, body armours and medical supplies. Those who worked for Afghanistans defences till last month testify to these biometric details.

No banned organisation had this much ever in human history. It is another matter that the status of being banned may likely go, as the world wakes up to the ground realities in Afghanistan. The question now is: Who all in the whole world will pay the price for the multiple mistakes that will certainly not be confined to the hapless Afghan people.  The question is: Besides the opponents, among them the ethnic minorities, who will be the targets of this newly-acquired military might - notwithstanding dodgy assurances by the new rulers?  As one struggles to gaze beyond the horizon from 'new' Kabul ruled by 'new' Taliban with whom the governments will have to do business, sooner than later, the first point of call for the new regime, nurtured, supported and diplomatically cushioned by eastern neighbour Pakistan, is bound to be India-ruled Jammu and Kashmir.  The key point to note here is that India anticipated this - if not fully, then substantially. It had urged the US all through the recent years not to quit in haste. India had warned the Obama, Trump and Biden administrations to base all American planning and action on one cardinal point: Islamabad's support to the Taliban. This was ignored, whatever the American compulsions.  Now that it has happened, it is, perhaps, easier to explain why India acted in August 2019 to end Jammu and Kashmir's "special status", annulled its political and constitutional autonomy and dissolved the state (province) itself by carving out two "union territories", directly ruled from New Delhi.

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