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Afghanistan's fall spells trouble for China's Belt and Road Initiative
Afghanistan's fall spells trouble for China's Belt and Road Initiative

Kabul/Islamabad, Aug 25 (TIWN) The Talibans unpredictable takeover of Afghanistan has ushered in a tumultuous second innings for the country, as the world watches the developments closely.

Despite facing global condemnation of the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan, China was one of the first nations to quickly extend its support and acknowledgment of the new regime, which the Taliban has graciously welcomed. 

The fall of the Ashraf Ghani-led government in Afghanistan, backed by US military troops on Afghan soil since 2001, has revealed itself as an opportunity for China to step in America's shoes.  What China fails to realise is that the US presence played an important role as a deterrent which protected the various investments made globally in Afghanistan, including that of China's. 

US President Joe Biden's decision to pull out US military troops spells chaos for Beijing too as China, over the years, has invested and raised huge infrastructure projects and has extended huge loans to Islamabad as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), President Xi Jinping's star project in Asia, which seeks to rekindle the famed Silk road.  The BRI is one of the most coveted projects of Jinping that requires active support of the South Asian countries, including Afghanistan.

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