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Afghan Prez warns Taliban on links with LeT, Jaish, Al-Qaeda
Afghan Prez warns Taliban on links with LeT, Jaish, Al-Qaeda

Kabul, July 20 (IANS) Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has asked the Taliban whether they want foreign fighters like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Al-Qaeda to turn Afghanistan into a battleground for "foreign terrorist", Pajhwok News reported.

Ghani, referring to the visit of a delegation led by Abdullah Abdullah, head of the National Reconciliation Council, to Doha and two days of talks with Taliban representatives there, said the government sent the delegation to Qatar to try for peace.  As per the report, he accused the Taliban of having no intention of making peace.  "If you are Afghans, come and unite within the framework of Afghanism. Do you have a positive message for the people of Afghanistan, especially women," he asked, as per the report.  Ghani said the Afghan government had released 5,000 Taliban prisoners, but most of them went to the battlefield.  "It was a mistake to release 5,000 prisoners because the Taliban have not yet started peace talks," he said.  According to the President, the nation should now ask the Taliban why they are destroying facilities, conducting kangaroo trials and planting bombs, the report said.

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