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Fiji, India share deep and enduring ties: Fijian envoy
Fiji, India share deep and enduring ties: Fijian envoy

New Delhi, Oct 26 (TIWN) Fiji's High Commissioner to India Yogesh Punja says that "The country's central position in the Asia-Pacific region has been strengthened by recent developments in sea and air communications and transport."

In an interview, Punja speaks about the tourism potential that Fiji has for the growing numbers of Indian travellers who now choose newer and faraway destinations to explore, given that air connectivity options have risen tremendously in recent years. Excerpts:  Q: This is a historic year for Fiji given that the nation is celebrating 50 years of independence from colonial rule. The nation has come a long way. According to you what are the true gains made by Fiji in the last five decades?  A: Fiji, since its independence in 1970 is certainly one of the strongest states in the Pacific Islands, with efficiently administered government institutions and the beginnings of a diversified and sophisticated economy. The country's potential for economic growth and a rising standard of living is the highest in the Pacific region by a large margin. Its achievements have been driven by strategic location in the heart of the South Pacific and offering a cost-competitive location for investors intending to set up offshore operations for the manufacture of advanced technological products for regional and international markets. Fiji has today become an export-driven economy spurred by high technology, knowledge-based and capital-intensive industries to the Pacific.

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