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'51.6mn people doubly hit by climate-linked disasters, Covid-19'
'51.6mn people doubly hit by climate-linked disasters, Covid-19'

New York, Sep 25 (TIWN) At least 51.6 million people globally have been affected by floods, droughts or storms and also the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) said in a report.

Beside the IFRC, the Red Crescent Societies and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre also contributed to the report released on Wednesday.

“Covid-19 is directly affecting and increasing the needs of persons affected by climate-related disasters,” said the report, which demonstrated the huge scale of combined impacts of climate-related disasters and the pandemic.

The analysis, which quantifies the overlapping vulnerability of communities, showed that out of 132 identified unique extreme weather events that have occurred so far in 2020, 92 have overlapped with the pandemic.

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