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Role of judiciary to be pivotal in coming days: President
Role of judiciary to be pivotal in coming days: President

New Delhi, Feb 23 (TIWN) President Ram Nath Kovind said on Sunday that the role of the judiciary is bound to be pivotal amid dramatic transformations in the coming days.

In his address at the International Judicial Conference being organised by the Supreme Court, he said that issues like gender justice, contemporary perspectives on protection of constitutional values, dynamic interpretations of the Constitution in a changing world, harmonisation of environment protection vis-a-vis sustainable development and protection of the right to privacy in the Internet age are issues that influence every member of the global community.  These five distinctly defined topics cover the matrix of challenges faced by the judiciary across the world, he said.  The President praised the Supreme Court for carrying out "radical reforms" which, he said, made justice more accessible to common people. He cited landmark judgements passed by the apex court which have strengthened the legal and constitutional framework of India.  "Its bench and bar are known for their legal scholarship and intellectual wisdom.

What it has achieved is nothing less than a silent revolution in diagnosing and correcting the afflictions that adversely affected the justice delivery system," he said, as per a press note.  The President particularly mentioned the role of Supreme Court in making the higher courts'' judgments available in regional languages, terming it "an extraordinary achievement given the linguistic diversity of India".  As of now, the judgments of the Supreme Court get translated in up to nine Indian languages to make them accessible to common people.  Kovind expressed confidence that its scope would further widen in the future.

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