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Nearly 900,000 need humanitarian assistance in Libya: UN
Nearly 900,000 need humanitarian assistance in Libya: UN

Tripoli, Dec 15 (TIWN) Nearly 900,000 people in Libya would need humanitarian assistance in 2020, said the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

"An estimate of 897,000 people are considered to be in need of humanitarian assistance in Libya in 2020. This reflects the most vulnerable people that have been identified as having the most severe needs," OCHA said.  The people who need humanitarian assistance in Libya are internally displaced persons, returnees, non-displaced conflict-affected people, refugees and migrants, OHCA explained.  The basic needs of hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people and returnees, including clean drinking water, medical services and safe housing have all degraded due to the protracted situation in the country, particularly for women and children, OCHA added.  The UN Office also estimated that 655,000 refugees and migrants are in Libya, including 48,000 registered refugees and asylum seekers. "However, refugees and migrants continue to be exposed to protection risks, human rights violations, exploitation and abuse."  "It is estimated that 115 million U.S. dollars will be necessary to complement the Libyan authorities' efforts to respond to the needs of the people in Libya. The international humanitarian community will work closely with local authorities, national NGOs and civil society organizations, to ensure local resources cover the needs of all people identified to be in need of humanitarian assistance," OCHA said.  Libya has been suffering escalating violence, unrest and political instability ever since the fall of its former leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

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