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CAB: UN chief wants laws to be non-discriminatory
CAB: UN chief wants laws to be non-discriminatory

United Nations, Dec 11 (TIWN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wants laws to be non-discriminatory, but will not comment on India's Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) while the legislative process is still underway, according to his spokesperson.

Asked at the daily briefing on Tuesday by a reporter about the bill that was passed on Monday midnight by the Lok Sabha, Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq said: "As far as I''m aware, this is legislation that is continuing to go through the legislative process. So, we wouldn''t have any comment while the domestic legislative process is being carried out."

But he added, "At the same time, you''re aware of what our concerns are about making sure that all governments pursue non-discriminatory laws."

In phrasing his question the reporter said the bill, which has yet to be passed by the Rajya Sabha, discriminated against Muslims.

The intent of the bill, though, is to help victims of religious persecution.

It seeks to provide refuge to Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis and Jains fleeing religious persecution from the officially Islamic Pakistan and Afghanistan and Muslim-majority Bangladesh.

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