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Congress trade Union members will join BMS
TIWN Jan 13, 2018
Congress trade Union members will join BMS
PHOTO : INTUC held press meet. TIWN Pic Jan 13

AGARTALA, Jan 13 (TIWN): After leaders, now Congress's trade Union members are also going towards BJP. Even though directly nothing was said but most likely they will join Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangha (BMS), when newly joined BJP MLA Dilip Sarkar is leading them.

In a press meet, the employees of ONGC under INTUC announced, "The ONGC Union Employees of Tripura which was under affiliation of Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) has desired to withdraw its affiliation from INTUC".

"We tried to maintain a good relation with the competent authority, but we are not getting any response in return. In any crisis, we are not getting any help from the authority".

"So, after a meeting on 28/07/2017, an executive meeting was held in the chamber of our Union President Dilip Sarkar. Thus we have decided not to remain as a part of the Union", they said.

However, with this, a green signal is there that all the members of INTUC will now join BMS. 

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