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Tirthamukh fair is from today
TIWN Jan 13, 2018
Tirthamukh fair is from today
PHOTO : Tirthamukh fair is from today. TIWN Pic Jan 13

AGARTALA, Jan 13 (TIWN): With an aim to make the Tirthamukh fair successful and systematic, the decorations for the stalls in the fair have been started. The fair is scheduled to begin from today at the premises of Tirthamukh.

Poush Sankranti fair commonly known as Tirthamukh mela will begin on January 14 and continue for two days.

 Reportedly, this year the fair committee has organized the programme with an estimated budget of around Rs. 14 lakh.

To ensure peaceful celebration at the fair, security personnel were deployed at the premises.

Like every year this year also the Dumbur Tirthamukh Lake is all set to attract the bee storming gathering of the devotees. Previous year a huge number of devotees from all over the state gathered in the area to celebrate the programme. Both tribal and non tribal people assemble every year on the occasion of the Uttarayan Sanskriti for a holy dip in the lake.

On the day of Poush Sankranti this place becomes a confluence of thousands of people. Since ancient days Tirthamukh has been a holy place of the Hindu Tripuri tribals. This place is considered as the sacred Ganga to the people of Tripura.

Since ancient days Tirthamukh had been a holy place of the Hindu Tripuri tribals. On the specific day people flock to the place to shave their head in the name of their ancestors or worship deities and perform individual sacrifices and ritual to propitiating the souls of departed ancestors.

Tirthamukh is about 50 Kilometre from the district headquarter in Amarpur Sub-Division and is about 100 Kilometre from the state capital. At this site, a hydro-electric project is also located.

However, in order to ensure a successful fair this year, the preparation is going on in full fledged o meet the dead line. The Tirtamukh festival is organized on the day of Pous Sankranti. 


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