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SSA's Regularization : Tapan accuses central led fund-deprivation, CM rejects to meet SSAs four times : SSA teachers to go in massive protest within 1 week
TIWN Jan 12, 2018
SSA's Regularization : Tapan accuses central led fund-deprivation, CM rejects to meet SSAs four times : SSA teachers to go in massive protest within 1 week

AGARTALA, Jan 12 (TIWN): SSA Teachers led by SSA Welfare Association will go in massive protest within a week, the Welfare Association's Secretary Bastab Debbarma told TIWN today. Recently a letter was written to MHRD by the SSA and right now the teachers are waiting for the replies from MHRD. But when Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is holding the chairmanship of SSA's Governing Counseling, he himself has four times rejected to meet the SSA teachers. On the other side, Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty said that they are having a funding issue from the centre. Not only this, Chakraborty also said there are some legal issues while regularizing them, but SSA teachers told Tapan Chakraborty that when state govt had appointed the SSA Teachers, then the regularizing duty also goes to the state govt.

 Bastab Debbarma also criticizing the SSAs who are calling for 8th Left Front Govt and not joining SSAs movement said, "If job would not stay, what will they do with 8th Govt of their party". With these, SSA teachers  will go with more supports this time and hold a massive protest within next 8 days.

 It was only Tripura Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty who wrote a letter to Prakash Yavedkar on 7th August, 2017 for a common regularization rules for SSA teachers.

 Following Tapan Chakraborty’s letter, it was asked to all states on 15th November to bring the SSA teachers under the state govt employees. But when the letter came, the Tripura govt moved 180 degree saying that they left with ‘No option’ and thus the SSAs will be terminated on 31st March, 2018.

On the other side, CM never met the SSA teachers and from a source it was alleged that CM refused even to open SSAs file. Question raises, was it a revenge of Tripura Govt against SSA teachers who went on hunger strike in demand of regularization. 

On December 26, Tripura Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty after being asked by SSAs, what's the problem to regularize them when Central Govt is giving 90 % funds for Govt employees salaries, Tapan Chakraborty told them that every month the central govt is not giving 90 % and sometimes it's given 70 %. On the other side, BJP State President Biplab Deb said that not 90 % but 98 % funds are provided by the Central Govt for Govt employees salaries purpose. On December 24, the SSA Teachers met Tapan Chakraborty led by Bastab Debbarma, the Secretary of SSA Welfare Association after Centre had directed to regularize the SSAs under the State Govt, but Tapan Chakrbaorty except 'Pashe Achi' told nothing more to the SSAs and also said that 90 % fund is not maintained by the central govt.

Most important matter is Central Govt never stopped SSA but asked states to shift SSA teachers under state govt employees before recruiting new SSA teachers. 

In a letter to all the state govts on Nov 15, MHRD Joint Secretary Manish Garg told states, "The Dept has emphasizing to the states during the PAB meeting that the states should fill up the state vacancies first before filling up posts under SSAs. Teachers salaries, equivalent to vacant state cadre posts which was deducted in the past for Odisha Chattishgarh in 2014-2015. Accordingly it has been decided that the salaries of the teachers sanctioned under SSAs to the tune of teacher vacancies in the state sector will be shifted to state and will not be funded under SSAs".  


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