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DSO remembers Master Da Surya Sen
TIWN Jan 12, 2018
DSO remembers Master Da Surya Sen
PHOTO : DSO remembers Master Da Surya Sen, held a bicycle rally in his honour.TIWN Pic Jan 12

AGARTALA, Jan 12 (TIWN): DSO has observed Master Da Surya Sen's death anniversary today at Agartala.

A bicycle rally was conducted in his honour led by DSO youth activists.

Surya Sen was an Indian independence activist who was influential in the Indian independence movement who is noted for leading the 1930 Chittagong armoury raid In Chittagong of Bengal in British India Sen stayed in hiding, and kept moving from one place to another.

Sometimes he took up a job as a workman, a farmer, a priest, a house worker or even as a pious Muslim.

This is how he avoided being captured by the British. He once hid in the house of a man called Netra Sen. But Netra Sen informed the British of his hiding, and the police came and captured him in February 1933.

Before Netra Sen could be rewarded by the British, a revolutionary came into his house and beheaded him with da (a long knife). As Netra Sen's wife was a big supporter of Surya Sen, she never disclosed the name of the revolutionary who killed Netra Sen.

Before Sen was hanged, he was brutally tortured by the British.  The British executioners broke all his teeth with a hammer, and pulled out all his nails. They broke all his limbs and joints. He was dragged to the rope unconscious. 

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