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Has India remained barbaric, uneducated after 70 yrs of independence ?
TIWN Sep 29, 2017
Has India remained barbaric, uneducated after 70 yrs of independence ?
PHOTO : Animal sacrifice continues on Maha-Navami at Udaipur Matabari. TIWN Pic Sep 29

UDAIPUR / AGARTALA, Sep 29 (TIWN): On the auspicious day of Maha-Navami also there is no relief from bloodshed, goat sacrificing across Hindu temples of Tripura.

Unfazed by the hue and cry against animal sacrifice in the name of worship, the historic temple at Udaipur Tripureshwari still performs 'bali’ (sacrifice) everyday.

Thousands of devotees gathered to witness the goat sacrifice at Tripura Sundari temple, which they think will bless them.

But the most pathetic part is when one goat is killed by the Brahman at Matabari, the other goats’ legs keep  on shaking out of fear. When the next goat is brought for sacrifice its cries hit the temple walls as if asking anybody to save them but sadly nobody could save them even after 70 years of country’s independence.

Animal sacrifice is part of various ‘puja’ ritual offerings performed when Hindus worship idols. Animals are killed to get once wish fulfilled, to sanctify weddings, new homes or religious festivals. 

India claims to be highest advanced country in coming days. When people are celebrating to be a part of ‘Make-In-India’ project, the 21st century world must be laughing at Indians seeing this uneducated activities inside God’s houses. 

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