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48 hrs passed ! BJP to block CM's movement but 'When ? Where ? How ? It's under suspense ! Deodhar asks media to find out
TIWN July 17, 2017
48 hrs passed ! BJP to block CM's movement but 'When ? Where ? How ? It's under suspense ! Deodhar asks media to find out
PHOTO : BJP state observer addressing media (Left) : CM casting vote for presidential election (Right). TIWN Pics July 17

AGARTALA, July 17 (TIWN): Making it more complex than identifying Bijita Nath's CBI inquiry's exact place, when CBI made Tripura media to run to and fro, Tripura opposition BJP to block Chief Minister's movement on Tuesday but saying 'It's not a media coverage', party leader Sunil Deodhar didn't leak it to media asking to find out via sources and hardwork. However, the benefit of not disclosing the spot of blockade, CPI-M will never come to know where the blockade will be held. "As we promised, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar will has to bring under surveillance as after 8 days of public suffering it's important for him to get an experience of how much it pains when one blocks your movement", said Sunil Deodhar.

Addressing the media, Deodhar said, "Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar finally has proven that he can not do anything and thus dumped everything on Rajnath Singh. But the Chief Minister should learn two basic things. The demand of a separate land never goes to Centre directly without passing from state assembly. 

Another thing the Central Govt and BJP never supported IPFT's demand of a separate land. Moreover, it's a lie that Rajnath Singh met the IPFT leaders but Rajnath Singh never saw their faces also, neither he knew anything about IPFT blockade".

Sunil Deodhar further claimed that CPI-M cadres are doing hardwork to send food from home to home of the blockaders.

Deodhar further asked CM, "If you knew that you can not do anything, then why since 7 days your had been silent ? Why did not you call Rajnath Singh before 7 days ?"

The BJP leader further said, "If Tripura Govt has given permission for the blockade, then it should show the permission letter and if not that means the road blockade is going without permission and any blockade without permission is illegal. Why Tripura administration so afraid to stop the illegal blockade?"

The BJPs also demanded Presidential rule in Tripura as Home Ministry has been failed totally to control the law and order of the state.

"Both Rajnath Singh, Kiren Rijiju were surprised to know about Tripura's paralyzed transport condition. CM should immediately go to Baramura and beg mercy from the indigenous people of the state for all the tortures he did on them till day. His 19 tribal MLAs should also join him", said Deodhar.

It was on July 15 that BJP Observer Sunil Deodhar said in the evening, "If IPFT's blockade is not withdrawn within next 48 hours, then BJP will block Chief Minister Manik Sarkar's movements".

However keeping the suspense, the BJP members didn't disclose the place and time of the blockade that will keep the CM under surveillance. However Deodhar creating further suspense said that this blockade will be held across Tripura.

Noteworthy : CM will come first time face to face of the opposition BJP in Tripura. 

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