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Clash erupted among police & TMCP : many injured in 'Anuara-protest'
TIWN May 19, 2017
Clash erupted among police & TMCP : many injured in 'Anuara-protest'
PHOTO : TMCP gheraud Health Dept. TIWN Pic May 19

AGARTALA, May 19 (TIWN): 'No proper investigation for Anuara's justice, but if one raises voice s/he will be beaten tightly', with such motives Tripura Police have injured TMCP protesters who were showing agitation at Health Dept on Friday.

Reportedly, seeing no progress in Anuara murder case,  Trinamool youths staged demonstration before the Raj Bhawan and then they gheraud Health Dept, but police forced them not to enter the office and in a clash more than 10 persons were injured.

One Trinamool woman activist named Ashmita Debnath was seriously injured in the clash with police.

She was taken to GB Hospital later.

Tripura Health Dept. is finally under trouble as protests are expanding in demand of doctors, health officials who were involved in Anuara's treatment. Recently it has claimed it was Dr. Shyam Sundar Saha who gave Anuara's death certificate saying she died in heart attack, whereas later forensic report showed  that she died out of heart-attack.

Agitation of masses against the Tripura Govt are crossing the limits of patience due to the corruption in Govt Depts, inhumanity in health, police dept and politics everywhere. The 16 years girl's father Abdulla Amin who have been almost labeled by Tripura Police as 'insane', 'disbanded', 'mentally retired' is trying to find-out who were actually behind the fake Post Mortem report of Anuara Choudhury.

Not only Abdulla Amin, but it was her friends who alleged that Anuara was raped repeatedly by her maternal cousin Sani Aktar, but as the Health Dept report said that Anuara was not sexually assaulted the police have not charged any rape allegation in the report. However, question raises, whyAnuara's father would have to believe Heath Dept's report of Anuara which said earlier, 'Anuara died out of Heart Attack'?Anuara's father Abdulla Amin visited West Women Police Station and then West Police Station and said that he will file case against Women Police Force for making wrong post mortem report.

 However, the Chief Minister of the state Manik Sarkar being the Home Minister too, has not given any objection about police forces wrong doing even after bundles of allegations raised by every sections of the people.

Earlier, Anuara's case was under Section-702, but after the forensic report came, then the case was moved into-302 IPC. That raised question on GB Hospitals' doctors role who without any treatment said that she died out of Heart attack. But quite surprising, police is utter silent and sympathetic towards the GB hospital doctors. Is police waiting for further road blockade, agitations ?

 Manik Sarkar led paralyzed Police Force's role is under heavy scanner that led Anuara's father to take steps against the women police force who tried their best to dump the case under the file just because Anuara's uncle Nur Amhed is DYFI leader.

 Anuara's father Abdulla Amin further constantly alleged that Anuara's uncle Jakir Hossain's son Sani Aktar had raped her and later she was beaten by her family members which killed her pathetically. 



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