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Twin Grenade blast caused losses to 11 families at Kailashahar
TIWN May 19, 2017
Twin Grenade blast caused losses to 11 families at Kailashahar
PHOTO : Grenade found at Kailashahar, disabled today. TIWN Pic

KAILASHAHAR, May 19 (TIWN): The grenades recovered on May-7 have been finally disabled on Friday but causing heavy losses to the households there.

Tripura officials and Shilchar officials together worked to disable the  grandees, SP Ajit Pratap Singh told media here.

Police recovered 127 grenades on May-7 buried underground in northern Tripura. Local villagers said that the grenades might have been buried during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

However, with the permission of CJM court the operation was held successfully, but against the will of the locals since yesterday announcements were done regarding the safety issues, alerting the public about the 2 blasts to be held to test the powers of the grandees.

Whereas local people asked not to blast the grandees there, but instead of blasting the grenades far away, the local people were pushed from there and the blast was done on the spot, resulted cracks developed in walls and some houses.

The locals further claimed for compensation and proper checking of the whole area, whereas any grenade left there inside the soil.

Jagadish Debbarma, DSP also remained present during the operation.

Earlier, Unakoti Police Super Ajit Pratap Singh said that the grenades found are active yet and  bomb Squad SI Babul Debnath and his team after inspection sent the reports to the higher authority.

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